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Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 29/SEP/09
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@Epicletdown: Thanks! I actually took this screenshot quite a while ago to use as a forums avatar...
Do you play Fallen Earth, too?
hey Jake Peril i remember you, you were recruited into SoF when we did that event... I've been away from the game for ages.. just got back into it, is SoF still around? havent seen anyone from it in the wasteland
I do, as of recent... I got wind of a product code giveaway and was really impressed. The shot looks like you irl! (if that's you^^)
@KrazyKain: Yes, SoF still exists, although in much reduced numbers. There should still be a recruitment post somewhere on the forums.
But as far as I know, basically none of the original folks are in the game anymore, except maybe two or three.
@Epicletdown: Yes, that is actually me with my flashy army beret. Unfortunately the game only has green ones to offer (at least for the players, some of the NPCs have different ones).
I did, in fact, send you a /tell today for the heck of it, but it might not have gone through, they have slight problems with the message system lately.
No, that was me... lol... I was camping some nodes while playing 360, so I was only looking at the strat map like once every ten minutes. Multitask fail, i guess. ^^;
@Epicletdown: And here I thought women were good at multitasking, ah well, you never learn.
If you have any questions about the game or need help with anything, just drop me a line.
I am playing since release, so I have my resources...
Also I am planning on touring S1 again to check out any AP I might have missed, so if you see some level 50 in weird armor driving around in his Interceptor, that might be me.
Here's to seeing you in the wasteland then. ;D *clink*
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